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Louise Müller


Dr. L.F. Müller
+31 71 527 2727

Louise Müller is University Lecturer in African Literature and Media at the Department of African Languages and Cultures, LUCAS, Leiden University Centre for Arts in Society, Leiden University, the Netherlands. She studied Philosophy, World History and African Studies with a focus on literature, religion, media, politics and issues of gender. She specialized in Akan and Yoruba oral literature, politics, religion and film (Ghana, Nigeria West Africa, Ghallywood, Nollywood), religious education in Zambia (Southern Africa) and Greco-Egyptian mythology and philosophy (North Africa). She has conducted fieldwork in Ghana, in southeast Amsterdam and in Zambia and travelled in various countries of Africa.

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She published on religion and chieftaincy in Ghana, religion, migration and identity in Africa and the diaspora in Europe, African philosophers and their philosophies, and gender issues in African film. Her last research project concerns the Greco-Egyptian origins of myths and philosophy.

Key publications


Müller, L.F. ‘The Greco-Egyptian origins of Western myth and philosophy,

 In: Festschrift on African philosophy.


Müller, L.F. ‘On the demonization and discrimination of Akan and Yoruba women in Ghanaian and Nigerian video films’ Research in African Literatures, vol. 45. No. 4., 104-120.


  Müller, L.F. Religion and Chieftaincy in Ghana. Lit Verlag, Berlin (pag.  

  312). https://www.lit-verlag.de/isbn/3-643-90360-0.


Müller, L.F. ‘Ghanaian films and chiefs as indicators of religious change among the Akan in Kumasi and its migrants in southeast Amsterdam’ In: Hefner, R., Hutchinson, J., Mels, S, Timmerman, C. Religions in Movement: the local and the global in contemporary faith traditions. Routledge studies in Religion, 467-503 (pag. 33).


Müller, L.F. ‘Sophie Oluwole: politiek filosofe (1935 -)’ In: C.Ceton, Burg, I v.d., Halsema, A., Vasterling, V. en Vintges, K. Vrouwelijke filosofen: een historisch overzicht, Atlas, 441-446  (pag. 6.). 


Müller, L.F. ‘Spirits of migration meet the migration of spirits among the Akan diaspora in Amsterdam, the Netherlands’, African and Black Diaspora: an international journal, vol. 4. No.1, 75-97 (pag. 22.).


Müller, L.F. ‘The persistence of Asante Chieftaincy in Ghana in the colonial period (1896-1957):  explanations for an enigma’, Africana Studia vol. 14. No. 2, 61-85 (pag. 24.).


Müller, L.F. ‘Dancing golden stools’, Fieldwork in Religion, vol. 5. No.1, 31-54 (pag. 23.).


Müller, L.F. ‘The reality of spirits: a historiography of the Akan concept of mind’, in: Quest: an African Journal of Philosophy, vol. 22, No. 2, 163-185 (pag. 22.).

Grants and awards

Edinburgh College Award
University of Edinburgh College Award: scholarship for my PhD research.
Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds, Sidney Perry Foundation: scholarship for fieldwork in Ghana.
Erasmus exchange Program Award: bursary for EU exchange program between Leiden University and the University of Edinburgh.
VSB bursary for my Msc in African Studies, University of Edinburgh, Centre of African Studies.
University of Edinburgh Small Project Grant: bursary for fieldwork in Zambia as part of my Msc in African Studies, University of Edinburgh, Centre of African Studies. 



  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Interdisciplinair

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Arsenaalstraat 1
2311 CT Leiden
Room number B2.01



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