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Jan van den Berg

Professor emeritus Cyber Security

Prof.dr.ir. J. van den Berg
+31 70 800 9506

Professor Dr Jan van den Berg, M.Sc., is Professor of Cyber Security at Delft University of Technology, faculties Technology, Policy & Management and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science, also at University Leiden, Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. Van den Berg is the academic director of the Cyber Security Academy and the Programme Director of the Leiden master's programme Cyber Security.

After graduating as a mathematical engineer from Delft University of Technology in 1977, Van den Berg worked at several institutes of higher education until 1989. From 1989 onwards he was affiliated with the Erasmus University Rotterdam where he conducted research in the field of Computational Intelligence and its (economic) applications. After obtaining his PhD in 1996, is research broadened to include the development and application of (intelligent) methods of data analysis, knowledge discovery, and information security. In 2006 Van den Berg returned to the TU Delft where he continued his work on Data Analytics supplemented with research in the field of Cyber Security.

Professor emeritus Cyber Security

  • Faculty Governance and Global Affairs
  • Institute of Security and Global Affairs
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