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Emilie Prast

University Lecturer

Dr. E.J. Prast
+31 71 527 2727

Short CV

Emilie Prast is an assistant professor at the programme group of Educational Sciences at Leiden University. She currently teaches the courses ‘Developing powerful learning environments’ and ‘Education in the 21st century’. Differentiation in primary mathematics education is her research focus. During her PhD at Utrecht University, she investigated how teachers can adapt education to students with diverse achievement levels. She was involved in the development and evaluation of a teacher professional development programme about this topic. Previously, she obtained a bachelor in education and child studies at Leiden University and a master in educational psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.


How can teachers meet the educational needs of students with diverse achievement levels?  What is the effect of teacher professional development about differentiation on student achievement? How are motivation and achievement related? Research at the intersection of pedagogics and psychology with attention for individual children in the class context.


Johannes E.H. van Luit and Evelyn H. Kroesbergen

University Lecturer

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Work address

Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Room number 4A37a



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