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Amadou Adamou

PhD candidate

A. Adamou MA
+31 71 527 2727

Amadou Adamou is a PhD candidate at the Institute for History.

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Fields of interest

  • Mobilty
  • (In)security
  • Nomads
  • Frontiers
  • Marginalisation
  • Cameroon
  • Central African Republic


My research is about the Mobroro (nomads) refugees from the Central African Republic settling in Cameroon and how they cope with their new environment and the relationship with their peers and international humanitarian organisations such as the UNHCR.

Curriculum Vitae

Adamou Amadou is currently conducting a research in legal anthropology at Leiden University. He holds a master in Visual Anthropology (Tromso University, Norway). He also graduated from the Magistracy School(ENAM)in Cameroon in 2012.

He obtained a maitrise in law and political science, after graduating (BA) in the same disciplines from the Ngaoundere University in Cameroon.

Adamou worked with international organisations such as Medecin Sans Frontiere (MSF). He also directed several films (''When Nomads Settle''; ''Ismaila''; ''My home is where my heart is''). With Espen Marius Foss he co-directed ''Jungle Doctor''.

Key publications

Ongoing: Civil war and banditry: New components of nomadic displacement in C.A.R and Cameroon’s frontiers.

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Institute for History
  • Afrika studies
  • No relevant ancillary activities
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