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Methodology and Statistics


The staff members of the Methodology & Statistics unit are members of various boards and committees.

  • Board of Admissions Research Master: Dr. Tom Wilderjans 
  • Bachelor's Programme Committee:  Dr. Peter de Heus
  • Board of Examiners:  Dr. Frank Busing
  • Committees for Master Thesis Prizes:  Dr. Wouter Weeda
  • Departmental Committee:  Prof. Mark de Rooij and Prof. Serge Rombouts
  • ICT FSW Advisory Committee:  Drs. Kees Verduin (chair)
  • ICTO Committee Psychology:  Drs. Kees Verduin (chair)
  • Institute Board: Drs. Kees Verduin, Dr. Tom Wilderjans
  • Library Committee (Psychology): Drs. Kees Verduin (chair)
  • Master's Programme Committee:  Dr. Tom Wilderjans
  • Psychology Research Ethics Committee:  Dr. Joost van Ginkel
  • Research Committee:  Dr. Anna van 't Veer
  • Research Master's Programme Committee:  Prof. Mark de Rooij

The board of the Methodology & Statistics section is formed by: Prof. dr. Mark de Rooij, Prof. dr. Serge Rombouts Dr. Elise Dusseldorp and Dr. Tom Wilderjans.

The education committee of the Methodology & Statistics unit is formed by: Drs. Hemmo Smit, Dr. Peter de Heus and Dr. Tom Wilderjans.

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