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Methodology and Statistics


Methodology & Statistics offers bachelor's courses and a masterspecialisation.

The  Methodology & Statistiscs unit offers a range of courses in the International Psychology Bachelor's programme. How can we make the best use of mathematics, statistics and computer science in psychological research? As a methodologist you study and improve existing research methods and you develop new ones. This work can take the shape of experimental research in a laboratory to questionnaires, in-depth interview or observations in the wild. Mathematics, statistics and computers are key elements in this area.

More information can be found on the university's Masters in Leiden website. This information is for both Dutch and international students.

In the second semester of the master's  programme a student has to write a research thesis under the supervision of a staff member. Directions for choosing a topic can be obtained from each of the staff members.

Students need to do a mandatory internship of at least 10 credits. There are various ways to fulfill an internship. Most students find an internship of their choice in a professional institution in the region. The internship coordinator has a list of addresses of institutions that have offered internships in the past.

More information about the master's programme, thesis and internships can be obtained from 

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