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Martin van Exter Lab - Quantum Optics and Light-Matter Interaction


Former PhD, Bachelor and Master students of the Van Exter Lab

PhD Students

Flavio Mariani (2018), Scattering and absorption in 2D optics

Vasco Tenner (2017), Surface plasmon lasers

Jelmer Renema (PhD, 2015)
"The physics of nanowire superconducting single-photon detectors"
Postdoc in group of Ian Walmsley (Oxford, UK)

Morten Bakker (PhD 2015)
"Cavity quantum electrodynamics with quantum dots in microcavities"
Researcher at ASML, Veldhoven

Frerik van Beijnum (PhD 2013)
"Scattering, loss, and gain of surface plasmons"
Researcher at TNO, Delft

Henrique Di Lorenzo Pires (PhD 2011)
"Spatial coherence and entanglement of light"
UL Transaction Security, Leiden

Wouter Peeters (PhD 2010)
"Teo-photon interference; spatial aspects of two-photon entanglement, diffraction, and scattering"
Researcher at Philips research, Eindhoven

Thijs Klaassen (PhD 2006)
"Wave chaos and abrreations in optical cavities"
Boston Consulting Group, Amsterdam

Peter Lee (PhD 2006)
"Quantum entanglement in polarization and space"
Researcher at ASML, Veldhoven

Erwin Altewischer (PhD 2005)
"Sub-wavelength hole arrays, surface plasmons, and quantum entanglement"
Philips research, Eindhoven

Jos Dingjan (PhD 2003)
"Multi-mode optical resonators and wave chaos"
The Technology Partnership

Yngve Lien (PhD 2002)
"Intensity dynamics of slow-inversion lasers"
Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace, Norway

Marnix Willemsen (PhD 2001)
"Polarization fluctuations in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers"
Philips Research

Alexander van der Lee (PhD 2000)
"Unravelling the mechanics of excess quantum noise"
Philips Research

Rob Hendriks (PhD 1998)
"Optically-pumped vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers"
Philips Research

Arnold Janssen van Doorn (PhD 1996)
"Symmetry breaking in vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers"
Teacher at secondary school

Simon Kuppens (PhD 1995)
"The quantum-limited laser linewidth explored in extreme regimes"
Philips Research

Bachelor & Master Students

Sean van der Meer (MSc, 2021), Characterization of an open optical microcavity based on its resonance conditions and mode profiles

Matt van den Nieuwenhuijzen (BSc, 2021), Confocal fluorescence microscopy of colloidal quantum dots

Thomas Osterholt (BSc, 2020), Characterization of the JPE hexapod for quantum optics

Anna Drou Roget (MSc, 2019), Study and testing of a CMOS sensor as a low-coest X-ray detector

Jurriaan de Gier (BSc, 2019), Production and characterization of 3D printed micro-lenses

Erik de Vos (MSc, 2018), Surface plasmon lasing and dispersion 

Evert Stolte (BSc, 2018), Characterization of 3D-printed microstructures for optics

Michel Hubert (MSc, 2017), The propagation of surface plasmons on metal hole arrays with elliptical holes in various configurations

Daniëlle Klink (MSc, 2017), Callibration of the condifood demo device

Michelle Mertens (BSc, 2017), Optimized light trapping in textured solar cells

Amar Sehic (Euroscholar BSc student, 2015, Flavio Mariani)
"Optical characterization of CdS core-shell quantum dots"

Martijn van Velzen (BSc student, 2015, Flavio Mariani)
"Wavefrontshaping for absorption optimization in a thin film silicon solar cell"

Kim Vendel (MSc student, 2015, TNO-Delft, Giampiero Gerini)
"Superoscillatory lenses and optical metasurfaces"

Thomas Ruytenberg (MSc student, 2014, Morten Bakker)
"Hysteresis with Quantum Dots in Micropillar Cavities"

Irina Komen (MSc student, 2014, Jelmer Renema)
"Superconducting single-photon detectors, magnetic fields and polarisation"

André van Delft (BSc student, 2014, Vasco Tenner)
"The complex band structure of surface plasmons on a square metal hole array"

Bob Rengelink (MSc student, 2013, Jelmer Renema)
"Superconducting-nanowire-single-photon- detectors in a magnetic field"

Kim Vendel (BSc student, 2013, Flavio Mariani)
"Polarization and angle dependence of transmission through subwavelength hole arrays"

Danny Hetharia (BSc student, 2013, WOlfgang Löffler)
"Orbital angular momentum of partially coherent light"

Jeroen van Gerstel (BSc student, 2013, Wolfgang Löffler)
"Vortex splitting and vortex coronography"

Francesco Ricci (MSc student from Italy, 2012, Martin van Exter)
"Experimental study of phase singularities in optical beams carrying orbital angular momentum"

Marc Kralingen (BSc student, 2012, Jelmer Renema)
"Temperature-dependence of NbN photon detector behavior"

Chris Lemmens (BSc student, 2012, Jelmer Renema)
"Building an autocorrelator"

Anna Meeussen (BSc student, 2012, Frerik van Beijnum)
"Surface plasmon polaritons at a metal-dielectric interface with randomly spaced subwavelength holes"

Henk Snijders (BSc student, 2012, Morten Bakker)
"Real-time oxidation monitoring of a cavity aperture using reflection"

Ralph Lenssen (MSc student, 2011, Frerik van Beijnum)
"Towards lossless plasmonics"

Jeroen Sirre (MSc student, 2011, Frerik van Beijnum)
"Analysis of speckles behind random patterns of nano holes"

Jasper Woudenberg (MSc student, 2010, Henrique Di Lorenzo Pires)
"Classical and quantum scattering"

Joris van Boheemen (MSc student, 2011, Joris Berkhout)
"Direct detection and characterization of vortices in optical speckle"

Jeroen Zonneveld (MSc student, 2011, Dirk Bouwmeester)
"Using a spatial light modulator to efficiently couple light to photonic-crystal modes"

Shawn Levie (BSc student, 2011, Jelmer Renema)
"Measuring photon statistics with single-photon counters"

Chris Smiet (BSc student, 2010, Frerik van Beijnum)
"Plasmonics in metal hole arrays"

Jasper Woudenberg (BSc student, 2010, Henrique Di Lorenzo Pires)
"Measurements of partially coherent light"

François Coppens (BSc student, 2010, Henrique Di Lorenzo Pires)
"Near-field correlations in down-converted light with a strongly focused pump"

Evert van Nieuwenburg (BSc student, 2010, Morten Bakker & Cristian Bonato)
"Solid state CQED; Quantum dots in microcavities"

Ziyu Gu (MSc student, 2009, Martin van Exter)
"Towards two-dimensional optics"

Keesjan de Vries (BSc student, 2009, Morten Bakker)
"Optical modes of micropillar cavities"

Bastiaan Florijn (BSc student, 2009, Henrique Di Lorenzo Pires)
"Interference of two high dimensional entangled photons"

Thierry Kauffmann (French MSc student, 2009, Wouter Peeters)
"Progress on the study of two-photon speckles"

Jelmer Renema (MSc student, 2008, Wouter Peeters)
"Two-photon interference on Young's double slit"

Daniël Stolwijk (MSc student, 2008, Michiel de Dood & Martin van Exter)
"Optical studies of nano-hole arrays"

Hans Moerman (BSc student, 2008, Wouter Peeters)
"Observation of biphoton speckle from random phase plates"

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