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Martin van Exter Lab - Quantum Optics and Light-Matter Interaction

Research in the van Exter lab focuses on quantum aspects of light and light-matter interaction. One of our long-term goals is to develop a reliable quantum memory, based on a single emitter in an open micro cavity.

Open Micro cavities

We develop open micro cavities to trap light in small volumes and thereby increase the interaction with intra-cavity emitters. Important aspects in this development are the optical penetration in the mirrors, coupling between optical modes, and scattering and clipping losses.

Quantum emitters

We study the dynamics of individual emitters in micro cavities. The cavity geometry enables us to zoom in on individual emitters and to concentrate and enhance the interaction in a single optical mode (Purcell effect). We search for robust quantum emitters with a nearly degenerate ground state to store and release quantum states of light.

Prior research

Our group has an impressive history of prior research in classical and quantum optics. We have studied topics as diverse as: (i) Quantum noise in lasers, (ii) Quantum entanglement of photon pairs, (iii) Plasmonics in metal hole arrays, and (iv) Cavity QED with semiconductor quantum dots. 

Quantum Optics Lab

The van Exter lab is part of the Quantum Optics group at Leiden University, which includes the labs of Michiel de Dood, Wolfgang Löffler, and Dirk Bouwmeester

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