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Metals in Catalysis, Biomimetics & Inorganic Materials

PhD Theses

A full overview of MCBIM PhD theses.

Upconverting nanovesicles for the activation of ruthenium anti-cancer prodrugs with red light (November 24th, 2016)
Sven H.C. Askes

Luminescence and applications of lanthanoid coordination polymers (June 30th, 2016)
Xue Liu

Copper trispyrazolylborate complexes for ethene detection (May 12th, 2016)
Tom F. van Dijkman

Photocatalytic Redox Reactions at the Surface of Liposomes (November 12th, 2015)
Bart Limburg

Bio-mimetic Redox Reactions of the Cu(II) µ-Thiolate Complex (March 11th, 2015)
Erica Wenker

Mononuclear spin-transition materials based on the bapbpy scaffold (June 25th, 2014)
Sipeng Zheng

Development of homogeneous catalysts for the selective conversion of levulinic acid to Caprolactam (December 17th, 2013)
Saeed Raoufmoghaddam

Lipid bilayers decorated with photosensitive ruthenium complexes (December 17th, 2013)
Azadeh Bahreman

Luminescent complexes of Eu(III) and Tb(III) as potential phosphor materials for white LEDs (October 29th, 2013)
Sebastiaan Akerboom

Towards a sustainable synthesis of aromatic isocyanates by the palladium diphosphane calyzed reduction of nitrobenzene; a first step (December 22nd, 2011)
Tiddo J. Mooibroek

Catalytic allylation of phenols: chloride-free route towards epoxy resins (September 14th, 2010)
Jimmy A. van Rijn

Phenol-pyrazole ligands in the design of manganese(III) compounds : synthesis, structural characterization and study of the magnetic properties (October 22nd, 2009)
Marta Viciano Chumillas

Structural and functional models for [NiFe] hydrogenase (October 14th, 2009)
Raja Angamuthu

Nickel N-heterocyclic carbene complexes in homogeneous catalysis (October 8th, 2009)
Joris Berding

New fluorescent platinum (II) complexes containing anthracene derivatives as a carrier ligand : synthesis, characterization and in vitro studies (September 17th, 2009)
Patricia Marqués Gallego

Design, Synthesis, Characterisation and biological studies of Ruthenium and Gold compounds with anticancer properties (November 25th, 2008)
Ariadna Garza-Ortiz

Synergy of intercalation and coordination binding to design novel DNA-targeting antineoplastic metallodrugs (November 25th, 2008)
Sudeshna Roy

The design and Synthesis of novel heterodinuclear complexes combining a DNA-cleaving agent and a DNA-targeting moiety; the search for novel anticancer agents (February 28th, 2008)
Paul de Hoog

Ruthenium polypyridyl complexes with anticancer properties. Synthesis, characterisation and mechanistic studies in search for structure-activity relationships (September 25th, 2007)
Eva Corral-Simón

Spin-Transition Frameworks based on Bistetrazole and Triazine ligends (March 29th, 2007)
Manuel Quesada Vilar

Copper complexes as biomimetic models of catechol oxidase: mechanistic studies (February 2nd, 2006)
Iryna Koval

Dinuclear platinum complexes as potential anticancer drugs: insights in the intracellular distribution (February 1st, 2006)
Ganna Kalayda

Polynuclear Ruthenium and Platinum polypyridil Complexes: in Search of New Anticancer Agents (January 26th, 2006)
Karlijn van der Schilden

Coordination chemistry of manganese and iron with N,O-donor ligands: oxidation catalysis and magnetochemistry of clusters (January 12th, 2006)
Meenal Godbole

Differences Between Asymmetric cis and trans Platinum Complexes. Applications in Cancer Chemotherapy (October 18th, 2005)
Elena Pantoja López

Targeting Platinum Compounds: synthesis and biological activity (October 17th, 2005)
Steven van Zutphen

Manganese complexes as drying catalysts for alkyd paints (April 27th, 2005)
Remy van Gorkum

Structural Models of Nickel-containing enzymes; New Nickel Complexes and their reactivity towards iron (March 4th, 2004)
Anja Verhagen

Structures, Properties and Catalytic Activities of Copper(II) Complexes with New Pyrazole-Containing Ligands (January 7th, 2004)
Annemarieke Schuitema

Introducing Solid-state phase synthesis in platinum coordination chemistry; functionalized platinum complexes for anticancer applications (March 6th, 2003)
Marc Robillard

New paramagnetic Molecular Conductors (January 30th, 2003)
Martijn Mulder

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