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Van Marum Colloquia

The "Van Marum Colloquia" are a collaborative lecture series between the LION and LIC institutes, focusing on fundamental and applied surface science.

Martin van Marum (1750 - 1837) was a Dutch physical chemist/ scientist who was one of first to study heterogeneous catalysis. He invented the “Electriseermachine”, based on an early electrochemical capacitor, with which he performed groundbreaking studies in relation to electricity, thereby also discovering ozone.


Thu 19 October:
Zhu Zhang MSc

Utrecht University
Imaging Electrochemical Reactions by Operando Optical Microscopy



Tue 14 November
Dr. Manuel Landstorfer

WIAS Berlin
Thermodynamic modeling of the electrode-electrolyte interface - Double-layer capacitance, Solvation number, Validation




Fri 18 August: Dr. Christoph Baeumer
University of Twente
Model Perovskite Oxide Electrocatalyst Surfaces

Tue 3 July: Van Marum Mini Symposium
Ludo Juurlink (LIC, Leiden University)
Per Hyldgaard (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Pascal Larregaray (CNRS, France)
Gil Alexandrowicz (Swansea University, UK)

Wed 28 June: Prof. Alexei A. Kornyshev
Imperial College London
Solvent-solute relation in the double layer theory: from diluted solutions to solvent-in-salt systems to ionic liquids

Thu 22 June: Dr. Jeffrey E. Dick
Purdue University, USA
Probing the Curious Chemistry in Micro- and Nanodroplets using Nanoelectrochemistry

Wed 21 June: Dr. Hideshi Ooka
RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan
Theoretical Advancements towards Predicting the Activity and Stability of Electrocatalysts using Microkinetics and Applied Mathematics

Wed 21 June: Prof. Ryuhei Nakamura
RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan
Extending the Lifetime of Oxygen Evolution Catalysis in Acid

Mon 12 June: Dr. Vincent Vivier
Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface
Impedance analysis of electrochemical system: recent advances on the study of capacitive systems

Wed 31 May: Dr. Matthijs van Spronsen
Beamline B07/VerSoX, Diamond Light Source Ltd
Pioneering techniques to probe the solid-liquid interface using the soft X-rays of the VerSoX beamline at Diamond Light Source

Wed 3 May: Dr. Emilia Olsson
Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography
Understanding Surfaces and Interfaces from the Atomic Scale – Applications to Batteries and Semiconductors

Thu 13 April: Dr. Jae Young Lee
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Scale-up Science in Electrolytic Processes

Wed 29 March: Dr. Andrew Akbashev
Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
Complexity of Electrochemical and Electrocatalytic Reactions on Oxide Materials

Fri 24 March: Dr. Patrick Rinke
Aalto University, Finland
Active surface adsorbate structure and complex materials exploration with Bayesian optimization

Thu 9 March: Dr. Jakub Drnec
Head of Beamline ID31 @ ESRF, Grenoble
Shedding Synchrotron Light on Catalyst Atomic Rearrangement and Strain Dynamics in Electrochemical Environment

Wed 22 February: Prof. Rolf Schuster
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Beyond Cyclic Voltammetry: What can we learn by measuring ΔRS and ΔRV of electrochemical reactions?

Tue 7 February: Prof. Thomas Michely
University of Cologne
Crystal growth far from equilibrium: beauty and puzzles of Pt(111)


Wed 21 December: Prof. Evgeny Pidko
TU Delft
Death and life of homogeneous carbonyl reduction catalysts: navigating condition space towards superior catalytic performance

Tue 20 December: Prof. Jan Rossmeisl
University of Copenhagen
Electrocatalysis at high entropy alloy surfaces

Thu 8 December: Prof. Timo Jacob
Director Institute of Electrochemistry, University of Ulm, Germany
Understanding Electrochemical Interfaces on the Atomic Scale

Tue 15 November: Dr. Dmitriy Borodin
Max Planck Institute, Germany
Making Kinetics at Surfaces a More Exact Science

Mon 24 October: Prof. Hannes Jónsson
University of Iceland
Theoretical studies of the structure and catalytic activity of metal nanoclusters

Mon 19 September: Dr. Marco Schönig
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Microcalorimetric investigation of the effect of ions on surface processes - From double layer charging to catalytic reactions

Tue 13 September: Prof. Philippe Vereecken
Scientific Director IMEC/Prof. University of Leuven, Belgium
The role of surface inhibition in the deterministic electrochemical fabrication of 2D and 3D nanostructures

Mon 12 September: Dr. Christian Reece
The Rowland Institute at Harvard, Harvard University, USA
Developing New Paradigms for Applied Catalytic Surface Science

5 September: Prof. Germano Tremiliosi-Filho
São Carlos Institute of Chemistry, University of São Paulo
Development of materials for hydrogen production via ethanol reform

Thu 25 August: Dr. Sheena Louisia
Leiden University, Berkeley

Monitoring the dynamics of the heterogeneous interface during electrocatalysis

Tue 23 August: Dr. Thom Hersbach
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Catalyzing Green Hydrogen: Tracking Iridium Oxide & Platinum Behavior During Catalysis

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