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FIJI is one of the most used image analysis tools in the world. FIJI stands for FIJI is just ImageJ, it is however much more.

What is FIJI

Fiji is an image processing package — a "batteries-included" distribution of ImageJ, bundling many plugins which facilitate scientific image analysis.

FIJI at Leiden University

At Leiden University we are always working on new analysis methods for image analysis. Part of this research is done at the LIACS, and part is done by researchers within the institute of biology, as well as the leiden academic center for drug research. Several of the developped methods can be used by activating the LeidenUniv plugin site in FIJI. 

If you are interested in learning image analysis but cannot join our PhD course, feel free to try the interactive tutotial written for FIJI. This tutorial can be started from FIJI using the “>Plugins>LeidnUniv>Teaching>Interactive Tutorial” button. Don’t hesitate to leave remarks and comments here. 

Alternatively the plugins can be found here, and the code for most plugins is shared via gitlab 

Fiji can also be connected to our OMERO server to facilitate analysis of data stored in OMERO, look here for more details

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