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Research project

The role of trust in economic decisions

What are the essential determinants of (dis)trust? And, what are the effects of being (dis)trusted?

Stichting UTOPA

Trust is an essential component of economic and social relations. It can be seen as the glue that binds us together. But what determines whether we trust others? Reciprocity seems to play an important role in the process. Building on the Trust Game (Berg, Dickhaut, & McCabe, 1995), we design experimental studies to investigate the connection of trust (and distrust) to the concept of reciprocity. How essential is reciprocity in the development of trust?

More specifically, we aim to investigate to what extent trust depends on a close connection between persons, time, and place; all factors that are known to promote reciprocity. To increase the understanding of the role of reciprocity, we not only focus on the willingness to trust others; we also study reactions to trust and distrust.

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