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Research project

School dropout among immigrant students: Types of dropout and predictors


Paul Vedder


This international comparative study examines patterns and predictors of dropout among immigrant and non-immigrant high-school students (and dropouts) ages 14-16. Three types of drop-out are distinguished:

  1. overt dropout,
  2. covert or hidden dropout (students in school, but mostly disengaged) and
  3. home sitters (school no longer knows what to do with them).

The main questions are what explains drop out? Are the predictive models similar among types of dropout, countries, ethnic and cultural groups and level of the school/ track. Moreover, we want to find out what can be done about it. We started with a first phase, consisting of preliminary qualitative studies and/or quantitative pilot studies in the different countries involved (i.e., the Netherlands, Israel, Germany and Switzerland).

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