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Research project

Distracted consumption and compensatory mechanisms

A research into the consumption experience and consumption behaviour.

2013 - 2028
Lotte van Dillen
LUF (Den Dulk Moerman Fonds)
The Gratama Stichting

We have a lot on our minds and often eat and drink in front of the television, in our car, or in front of the computer. At the same time, our eating habits are becoming more unhealthy and obesity as well as diabetes are increasing within the population. This project tests these relationships, by examining how distraction affects our eating and drinking habits and metabolic dynamics, and whether people engage in compensatory behaviors when their consumption experiences fall behind their expectations.

Research aim

The aim of this project is to research the relationship between the consumption experience and consumption behaviour. Is the consumption experience compromised when people are distracted, for example, when multitasking? Do people compensate for suboptimal consumption experiences by consuming more (frequently)? And how does this affect somatosensory and metabolic processes?


This research involves a mixed methods approach, that ranges from neuroimaging taste processing and real time blood glucose monitoring to smartphone-based approach/avoidance measurements, large-scale experience sampling and citizen science.

In our research, we commit to Open Science practices. We preregister our primary hypotheses, and aim to share our data, analytic code and materials, where possible. We publish our work Open Access. 

Join this study?

Are you interested in participating in this study? Then contact Marina Hanssen: m.a.h.hanssen@fsw.leidenuniv.nl.

Funding and science prizes

Key publications

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