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Leiden Index of Depression Sensitivity

The Leiden Index of Depression Sensitivity (LEIDS) measures cognitive reactivity (CR) to sadness, an aspect of cognitive vulnerability to depression, conceptually similar to rumination.

Willem van der Does

It was developed from 1999 as an alternative for the then gold standard measure of CR, DAS change score before and after a sad mood induction. The first paper on the LEIDS scale was published in Behaviour Research and Therapy in 2002. This paper describes a 26-item scale with four subscales that was used in publications 1-4. 
In 2003, Mark Williams of Oxford University and professor Willem van der Does made a revision of the scale, the LEIDS-R, that had 34 items and is used in most other publications. Appropriate references for the LEIDS-R are references 5-7.  

The most recent version, LEIDS-RR, will be published in Psychological Assessment (Solis et al., 2016). The scale now contains 30 items. All these items were also included in the LEIDS-R. The subscale definitions have changed, based on factor-analytic research in large samples.


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LEIDS-scale download

http://www.dousa.nl/leids/ for more information and LEIDS-scale downloads in Dutch, English, Slovenian, Spanish, Italian, German, Farsi, French and Arabic.


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