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U-Multirank – Ranking of Higher-Education Institutions

U-Multirank is an alternative approach to international ranking of higher education institutions (HEIs) worldwide. This analytical tool is user-driven and multi-dimensional by design. The current version (2016/2017) includes 1 600 HEIs. The ranking system compares the relative performance of HEIs (mostly universities) across five broad dimensions of activity: (1) teaching and learning, (2) research, (3) knowledge transfer, (4) international orientation and (5) regional engagement. Each dimension comprises a series of quantitative indicators. U-Multirank allows users to interactively develop their own personalised rankings by filtering HEIs and selecting indicators according to their own preferences. The online tool, which is freely accessible, enables user-specified comparisons at the level of the university as a whole, and at the level of specific fields.

2017 - 2022
Robert Tijssen

Centre for Higher Education (CHE, Germany), Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS, Netherlands), Folge 3 (Germany), Fundacion CYD (Spain), Vuhold (Netherlands)

CWTS main deliverable is bibliometric data (on research publications and patents). We also contribute to U-Multirank’s outreach activities, engage in indicator-related R&D projects, and are member of U-Multirank management structure.



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