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Research project

R-QUEST – Centre for Research Quality and Policy Impact Studies

The Centre for Research Quality and Policy Impact Studies (R-QUEST), which is funded by the RCN FORINNPOL initiative, is an 8-year commitment of several partners to explore the nature and mechanisms of research quality.

2016 - 2024
Thed van Leeuwen

The main objective is to understand research assessments, standards, and practices in different fields of research. In general, R-QUEST helps policy makers in their efforts to develop the best framework conditions for high quality research. Three closely related questions are being addressed:

  • What is research quality? How are notions of research quality negotiated, established and practiced, and what are the mechanisms through which these notions affect policy?
  • What are the drivers of high quality research, and what is the role of policy in developing outstanding research?
  • What are the effects of high quality research on society?

These questions are being addressed through three interrelated research strands:

  • Understanding research quality
  • Conditions for high research quality
    • Country level studies
    • Research groups and research organisations
  • Effects on society



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