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A scenario building web-tool and knowledge package to enable multi-level decision making for the transition to the Circular Economy

2017 - 2019
Franco Donati
EIT RawMaterials EIT RawMaterials

Short abstract

The project “RAw MAterials SCENario Efficiency improvement blended learning package and assessment tool (RaMa-SCENE)” aims to facilitate decision making and the diffusion of knowledge and skills on the Circular Economy of raw materials.

Project description

Assessing how to improve the societal flows of materials from cradle to grave, the so-called societal metabolism, is difficult. It requires the use of sophisticated databases and knowledge and it usually depends on time intensive research.

The objective of RaMa-SCENE is to empower and facilitate students and experts in companies and governments to analyze in a relatively simple way the global economy and Circular Economy improvements at all relevant levels.

For this purpose, the project developed an easy to use graphical user interface, software and tool and a ‘blended learning’ educational package for lifelong learning for student, practitioners and decision makers.

The Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) at Leiden University has a long history as a front runner in the development of tools and methods for environmental impact assessment and sustainability education.

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