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CoSTREAM: Understanding Stroke and Alzheimer

The Horizon 2020 project CoSTREAM aims to improve our understanding of the co-occurrence of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. It has long been known that both diseases share underlying causes, but their exact interaction or link is not fully understood. CoSTREAM combines multiple factors to identify and investigate these common mechanisms, ranging from genetics and metabolomics, to brain structure and function. The project builds upon large data sets on both diseases, with follow-up studies performed up to 25 years. In the end, CoSTREAM will lead to increased knowledge about shared pathways, and can lead to new therapeutic approaches.

2015  -   2020
Thomas Hankemeier

Leiden’s objectives


  • We will explore a wide range of metabolites to discover novel pathways underlying the co-occurrence of stroke and Alzheimer's disease with the ultimate goals to identify persons with a potentially modifiable metabolic aetiology.
  • We will apply untargeted metabolomics to genes that relate to both stroke and AD to fully cover the physicochemical and biochemical metabolite space.
  • We will use targeted, biology-driven metabolomics addressing metabolites of selected genes and their role in the pathway.

Metabolites identified through these two approaches can then be correlated to established and new imaging data and be used in a Mendelian Randomization setting to test their causal association with stroke and Alzheimer's disease


Connection with other research

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