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Research project

Invertebrates on the edge

What invertebrates live in the fields and edges? Do the populations change with landscape complexity?

2011 - 2016


Short abstract

Species richness in edges and fields has a complex interaction with landscape complexity.

Project description

Biodiversity is declining around the globe.  Agricultural intensification is contributing to the decline. Research is necessary to improve biodiversity in agricultural areas.

The aim of this study was to determine if invertebrate richness and diversity in agricultural field interiors and edges in central Illinois, USA, is related to the complexity of the surrounding landscape.

Pitfall traps and sticky boards were used to sample invertebrates in agricultural areas of varied complexity.

We show that species richness of invertebrates in the fields was only slightly less than in the edges and that species richness and diversity in field edges is positively related to large scale landscape complexity, but the relationship is negative for field interiors. This unexpected result needs further study.

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