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Measuring science communication impact

What tools can be applied to measure the output, outcome and impact of science communication efficiently and effectively?

2021 - 2022
Anne Land-Zandstra
NWO - Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (Dutch Research Agenda) NWO - Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (Dutch Research Agenda)



The goal of science communication is to affect and change the general public’s views, knowledge, attitudes or behaviour regarding science or scientific findings. In order to determine if and how this impact is being reached, the department of Science Communication & Society at Leiden University, in collaboration with the department for Social, Health and Organisational Psychology at Utrecht University, are developing an instrument to measure the output, outcomes and impact of science communication activities in the Netherlands.


In 2021-2022, we aim to develop a measurement instrument to gauge the general public’s response to science communication based on existing theoretical frameworks. In this period, we plan to validate the instrument by piloting it on a number of selected science communication projects that are funded by the National Science Agenda. Our instrument is set to fit different types of projects, both online and offline, as well as different types of target audiences. Our team will also support these projects in administering the instrument and increasing their impact.


The project, first of all, aims to develop a measurement instrument for the impact of science communication. In order to do so, we also aim to add new insights to the field about the creation of sustainable outreach and effective information exchange. In this regard, we are interested in the fundamental building blocks of science communication to establish an audience’s confidence, understanding and appreciation of science.

We believe a measurement instrument needs to be applicable to a wide range of science communication projects. Hence, we will focus on creating a flexible, yet applicable, user-friendly tool for scientists and SciComm. professionals in the field.

Science communication by Ward Peeters
Science communication by Ward Peeters
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