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European DPC project

In this research project, the protection of personal data is compared in eight EU member states: France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Romania, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands. The comparison of the countries is focused on government policies for the protection of personal data, the applicable laws and regulations, implementation of those laws and regulations, and supervision and enforcement.

2016 - 2017
Bart Custers
European DPC project European DPC project

The Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands commissioned to eLaw, the Center for Law and Digital Technologies, the European Data Protection Comparison (DPC)  research project in which the protection of personal data is compared between several EU member states.

The underlying reason for commissioning this research is a resolution in the Dutch Parliament, in which the government is requested to investigate the position of the Netherlands in comparison to other EU member states with regard to the protection of (information) privacy. The basic question is whether the Netherlands are a frontrunner or lagging behind. An answer to this question is required for the Dutch parliament to decide whether and which supplementing measures are required.

The research starts August 2016 and ends May 2017. eLaw’s research team consists of Ilina Georgieva, Francien Dechesne, Simone van der Hof and Bart Custers.

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