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EU JudgeCo Platform

The EU JudgeCo Platform provides valuable sources on cross-border insolvency court-to-court cooperation and communication in a EU context.

Gert-Jan Boon

At this page you can find materials on court-to-court cooperation and communication in cross-border insolvency cases. This relates in principle to the EU JudgeCo Principles & Guidelines which provide a practical framework for judges to effectively deal with cross-border insolvency cases. 



Final Public Draft with Commentary



From january 2013 to december 2014 Professors Bob Wessels (Leiden Law School) and Paul Omar (Nottingham Law School) have developed EU Cross-Border Insolvency Court-to-Court Cooperation Principles and Guidelines. During the running of the project Principles for Cooperation ('EU JudgeCo Principles') and Guidelines for Communication ('EU JudgeCo Guidelines') have been drafted and were reviewed extensively by a Review & Advisory Group of over forty experts including judges, practitioners and academics. Subsequently multiple training sessions were organised to discuss the outcomes and further refine them for practical use. Click here for more information on the EU JudgeCo Project.

Online Public Discussion Forum

Cooperation and communication by and between courts in cross-border insolvency cases can be a source of questions and challenges. Below is an online discussion forum to make remarks, pose questions and provide your views on the EU JudgeCo Principles and Guidelines. We welcome your comments! Comments will become publicly visible.

Principles and Guidelines

The book including the 26 EU JudgeCo Principles and 18 EU JudgeCo Guidelines, including extensive commentary can be ordered here.


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