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PhD project

Student engagement in blended learning in higher education

In what way can teachers support and enlarge student engagement in a blended learning context?

2021 - 2025
Linyuan Wang
China Scholarship Council - Leiden University Joint Scholarship Programme


  • L. Wang - PhD candidate
  • prof.dr. W.F. Admiraal - supervisor
  • prof.dr. R.M. van der Rijst - supervisor
  • dr. A.J. de Vetten - daily supervisor

In blended courses, students need to navigate between the online and on-campus learning environment, and the complexity of increasing student engagement deepens accordingly. Thus, the processes of broadening and sustaining student engagement are also more complex than other teaching approaches. The aim is to offer a comprehensive overview of the factors influencing student engagement in blended learning in higher education.

Social relevance

The project aims to provide essential results regarding how and to what extent teachers can facilitate student engagement and enhance students’ learning experience at Leiden University and other universities in the Netherlands. It can also contribute to achieving the vision of building a blended university at Leiden University and across the Netherlands.

Scientific relevance

This research project aims to get further insight into student engagement in blended learning. Specifically, it will provide a clearer picture of which factors affect student engagement in blended learning and how and to what extent these factors are related to student engagement.

Research questions

  1. Which factors affect student engagement in blended learning - literature review
  2. What is the relationship between learner control and student engagement – quantitative research
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