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Research project

Islamization Explored

Can we speak of a single Islamic discourse in fields like politics, militancy, economics, sustainable development, and the like, and what interaction does this Islamic though have with ‘Western’ thought?

Maurits Berger

This research uses the premise that a specific form of Islamic thought has become dominant in nearly al aspects of Muslims’ daily lives. This phenomenon, that we will call ‘Islamization’ is known in the fields of law, politics and militancy, but much less so in the domains of ecology, good goverance, economics, ethics, womens’ rights – in short, the domains that in their interconnectedness are often referred to as sustainable development.

The project takes the view that it is it may very well be shortsighted that most attention is drawn to the troublesome manifestations of Islamization in the political, legal and militant domains, while the other domains, albeit it still underdeveloped, may in the future have a much more constructive and lasting impact on Muslim societies as they also draw on modern and global concepts.

This project will research each of these domains in order to come to an analysis of its Islamic discourse, and compare this discourse to that of other domains to see if there is indeed a coherent form of Islamization. An additional question is to what extent Islamic thought is interacting with ‘Western’ thought in these same domains.

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