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Research project

Cyber Governance and National Security: Intervening in Ungoverned Spaces

The Netherlands Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Security and Justice have requested the Centre for Terrorism and Counterterrorism to complete a research project on cyber governance from a policy perspective. The results of this project will contribute to the deliverables of the fourth International Conference on Cyber Space 2015 (GCCS 2015), to be held in the Netherlands.

Sergei Boeke
Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Security and Justice

The project will organise two high-level expert meetings and address the following issues :
1 ) To what extent is the cyber domain an 'ungoverned space' ? How do governments defend their national interests in the 'contested space ' of the global internet? What competencies does the government in the Netherlands have and how does this compare to other European countries? How are competencies and responsibilities distributed within national governement (inter-departmental)? Which tasks are seen as the (exlcusive) domain of government, and where is a shared responsibility with either the private sector and/or the individual citizen more suited to the challenge?
2 ) A substantive and practical comparison of cyber security strategies: What role do the ministries of Defense in different countries have? Which parts of the security dilemma are left to the public sector and where does private sector responsibility end (eg for critical infrastructure)? What are the implications of these choices?
3 ) A comparative study of models of military cyber governance : How are responsibilities concerning cyber security organized within the departments of Defense and Justice? What are for instance the practical implications of tasking intelligence agencies with offensive cyber operations?
4 ) A policy analysis : How can an evaluation framework contribute to structuring political and military decisionmaking concerning the deployment of the " cyber weapon"? How should this assessment framework consider the different roles of defensive, espionage and offensive cyber operations?

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