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Which grass is greener?

This inspiring collection adds stories to the fact that 68% of PhDs in the Netherlands continue their career outside academia.

Inge van der Weijden, Evan de Gelder, Christine Teelken, Marian Thunnissen
24 May 2017

The authors show that the gap between the academic versus public/private sector is smaller than expected, because of the transferable skills PhD's develop during their studies.

From their research, the authors selected 10 PhD's to tell the story about their career trajectories in and outside academy. These stories are brought together in a digital collection to inspire (young) scientists and provide them with insight in the diversity of career options.

In the interviews the PhD's look back on their academic career and their career change(s) and they share their experiences and satisfaction with their job outside academy. They focus on challenges and transferable skills – skills learned inside universities which are transferable to the world outside. Those 10 interviews are complemented by 3 personal stories of employers who share their experiences with PhD's at their workplace. This is a unique adding to this publication, as far as we know this is the first time that experiences from non-academic employers with PhD's are highlighted.

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