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Spectral imaging and tomographic reconstruction methods for industrial applications

Radiography is an important technique to inspect objects, with applications in airports and hospitals. X-ray imaging is also essential in industry, for instance in food safety checks for the presence of foreign objects.

Zeegers, M.T.
31 May 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

 Computed tomography (CT) enables more accurate visualizations of an object in 3D, but requires more computation time. Spectral X-ray imaging is an important recent development to optimize these conflicting goals of speed and accuracy. This technique enables separation of detected X-ray photons in terms of energy. More information can be extracted from spectral images, which allows for better separation of materials. Deep learning is another important recent technique enabling machines to quickly carry out processing tasks, by training these with large volumes of data for these specific tasks.In this dissertation we present new processing methods that use spectral imaging and machine learning, with a special focus on industrial processes. We design a workflow using CT to efficiently generate large volumes of machine learning training data. In addition, we develop a compression method for efficient processing of large volumes of spectral data and two new spectral CT methods to produce more accurate reconstructions. The presented methods are designed for effective use in industry.

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