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Novel Activity-Based Probes for Broad-Spectrum Profiling of Retaining β-Exoglucosidases In Situ and In Vivo

A high-end label: Cyclophellitol aziridine-type activity-based probes allow for ultra-sensitive visualization of mammalian β-glucosidases (GBA1, GBA2, GBA3, and LPH) as well as several non-mammalian β-glucosidases (see picture). These probes offer new ways to study β-exoglucosidases, and configurational isomers of the cyclophellitol aziridine core may give activity-based probes targeting other retaining glycosidase families.

Kallemeijn W.W., Li K.Y., Witte M.D., Marques A.R.A., Aten J., Scheij S., Jiang J.B., Willems L.I., Voorn-Brouwer T.M., Roomen C.P.A.A. van, Ottenhoff R., Boot R.G., Elst H. van den, Walvoort M.T.C., Florea B.I., Codee J.D.C., Marel G.A. van der, Aerts J.M.F.G., Overkleeft H.S.
08 November 2012
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