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Adjuvanted nanoparticulate seasonal influenza vaccines

Promotor: Prof.dr. W. Jiskoot, Co-promotor: A. Kros

C. Barnier -Quer
04 December 2013
Thesis in Leiden Repository

The best form of protection against influenza is vaccination, in terms of efficacy to protect individuals and reduction of the social impact of epidemics on our human societies. Chapter 1 of this thesis details the current influenza vaccines available and their lack of efficacy, and the current need for new adjuvanted influenza formulations. Pathogens are often particles and formulating antigens into nanoparticles (NP) results in systems that resemble the pathogens in terms of size, and notably can promote antigen uptake by dendritic cells (DC). The principal aim of the research in this thesis was to investigate how NP systems can act as an adjuvant for subunit influenza vaccine.

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