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Kearifan Kesehatan Lokal: indigenous medical knowledge and practice for integrated nursing of the elderly with cardiovascular disease in Sumedang, West Java: towards transcultural nursing in Indonesia

The different kinds of cultural perspectives on health and disease of the participants are related to their knowledge, beliefs, values and practices manifested in various forms of lifestyle in Indonesia. The cultural diversity of the population is also related to differences in health behaviour.

R.D. Susanti
08 December 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Nursing as a profession has to be able to encourage clients and patients, particularly with Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) to obtain holistic nursing in an effort to meet all client needs, regardless of their ethno-cultural background and their diverse beliefs and values about health and healing. Every effort to improve cultural competency among nursing practitioners who fully work with diverse patients from the numerous ethno-cultural groups in Indonesia is a challenge. One important step which can be taken is to learn and understand the Sundanese people as the dominant cultural group in West Java. The situation certainly requires a deepening of understanding of social behaviour and public health in terms of how to use traditional institutions such as kearifan kesehatan lokal, as well as indigenous knowledge of jamu and ubar kampung in dealing with health care of the elderly with CVD.

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