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Terrestrial field trials for side-effects of pesticides

The thesis describes terrestrial field trials aimed to detect side-effects of pesticides within the framework of pesticide registration procedures. Field trials were developed using vascular plants Brassica napus and Poa annua, caterpillars Pieris brassicae and effects on decomposition were studied using litterbags and soil micro-organisms. Effect were found up to 16 m downwind treated plots.

F.M.W. de Jong
01 January 2001
Thesis in Leiden Repository

The study discusses the roles of field trials in pesticide registration procedures as methods to verify and improve the risk assessment in general and as tools in the pre- and post-registration phase in the case of specific compounds. Extrapolation of the results of the field trials to the whole of the Netherlands shows that effects outside the target area are to be expected, but that measures to reduce the emission are effective in reducing the effects. It is concluded that the implementation of field trials will enhance the procedure considerably and prevent for the occurrence of unexpected side-effects.

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