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Assessment of monitoring tools and strategies safeguarding aquatic ecosystems within the European water framework directive

CML report 192

Hunting E.R., Jong S. de, Vijver M.G.
27 June 2017
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Monitoring water bodies with respect to quality and health, i.e. water chemistry and ecology, is currently considered important considering widespread ambitions to safeguard the environment.

Within existing legislations and practices, there is much discussion these two types of monitoring should be linked, and it also remains questionable whether current monitoring approaches provide a cost effective means to gain a true reflection of ecosystem health.
These shortcomings prompted endeavors of both the scientific community and consorted water managers’ initiatives to develop novel monitoring approaches and techniques. Here we therefore assess whether emerging monitoring tools could provide cost effective means to replace or complement existing efforts to understand the status and functioning of aquatic ecosystems.

This study assessed which monitoring techniques have the potential to serve surface water quality assessment under the WFD within the coming years. This was achieved through a literature study and interviews, integrating the needs and ideas from the field, and evaluating the mutual support between science and water managers. We hope this report stimulates discussion among scientists, water managers and policymakers.

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