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Bakti and Sayan traditions among the Tenggerese people in East Java: the role of indigenous institutions in integrated elderly care development in Indonesia

This research delves into the unique cultural approach of the Tenggerese people, an Indigenous community in East Java, Indonesia, regarding elderly care. It focuses on their traditional practices of bakti (‘filial piety’) and sayan (‘mutual aid’), deeply ingrained in the community's lifestyle and values.

R. Wiliandri
14 February 2024
Thesis in Leiden Repository

These indigenous institutions have been pivotal in shaping and maintaining the care of the elderly within the community for generations.The study explores Tenggerese people's perspective on combining traditional, transitional, and modern elderly care systems. It seeks to understand the role traditional institutions play in the sustainable development and integration of elderly care. This involves examining how these various systems can coexist and complement each other to provide comprehensive, efficient, and satisfactory care tailored to the elderly's specific needs and preferences.Furthermore, the research emphasises the importance of managing integrated care at the service delivery level, including case management, to ensure that the elderly receive the support and care they need. This involves a holistic approach that integrates family care with community-based care and modern elderly care, aiming for a seamless and effective care system that enhances access, quality, user satisfaction, and efficiency. The study provides insight into the complexities and potential of integrating traditional practices with transitional and modern care systems for elderly, contributing to sustainable development goals in the community. This research focuses on indigenous knowledge systems with the ethno-economics and ethno-management approach.

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