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Who are the ‘others’ amongst ‘us’? – New Book edited by Moritz Jesse

Have you ever wondered what makes immigrants legally different no matter which legal system they have moved into and no matter what rights have been granted there? Have you ever wondered why immigrants are considered ‘the other’ despite claims that their ‘integration’ and non-discrimination is a top priority on the political agenda? Why are some groups of immigrants more equal than others?

Moritz Jesse
30 November 2020

In the new book ‘European Societies, Migration, and the Law – The ‘Others’ amongst ‘Us’, published in November 2020 by Cambridge University Press, Moritz Jesse and other distinguished scholars of migration and migration law address the phenomenon of ‘otherness’ and ‘othering’ of immigrants in European Societies (TOC and the index of the book can be found here and here). The legal, administrative, and social mechanics of inclusion and exclusion are investigated for many groups of immigrants, such as for example asylum seekers or EU Citizens. The book thereby focuses on the construction of otherness and its operation in European legal and administrative systems. The book also focuses on the reception of newcomers after the so-called refugee-policy-crises of 2015 as well as increasing ‘economic othering’ of immigrants even when they benefit from free movement rules in the EU’s internal market. 
The book finds that policies of economic and cultural othering run through the various analyses provided in the chapters of the book as a common thread and also provides some thoughts about what the treatment of the 'other' says about European Societies and what can potentially be done to slow-down or even stop the 'othering' of immigrants.
More information about the book can be found here: https://www.cambridge.org/nl/academic/subjects/law/european-law/european-societies-migration-and-law-others-amongst-us?format=HB  
Electronic access is available here (part of Cambridge Core Books): https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/european-societies-migration-and-the-law/39E03441359E7B4BC8D3BBC6A969874B#fndtn-information  

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