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Restatement of Labour Law

Hart Publishing in Oxford has published the first book in a series entitled ‘Restatement of Labour Law in Europe’. This particular book deals with the question of which employees are protected by labour law (‘The concept of employee’).

Guus Heerma van Voss and Bernd Waas
18 July 2017
Uitgeverij Hart Oxford

The aim of the Restatement project is to formulate rules that reflect common aspects of labour law in European countries.  These rules could serve as an inspiration and to enable comparisons. They are not directly intended to be transposed into European legislation.  In addition to the Restatement , each book in the series contains a comparative overview and (in this case 36) country reports that outline the various national systems.

The series is the outcome of a study group of the European Labour Law Network that comprises labour law experts from 36 European countries, including all member states of the EU and EEA.  The network was set up by Guus Heerma van Voss, Professor of Labour Law at Leiden Law School, Leiden University, together with Professor Bernd Waas of Frankfurt University. Until 2012, Heerma van Voss was co-coordinator of the network together with Waas and co-edited this part of the series with him.

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