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Jus Post Bellum

Jus post bellum, the body of laws and norms governing the transition from armed conflict to peace, has emerged as a crucial issue for international law scholars, governments, and all concerned with building a just and sustainable peace. The Jus Post Bellum Project, funded by the NWO and hosted by the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University, has helped to develop the concept of jus post bellum and establish it as a core component of how the problem of war is analyzed.  The Jus Post Bellum Project has produced three edited volumes, a special edition on Jus Post Bellum and Foreign Investment, and many articles in leading peer-reviewed journals. Until now, however, no leading monograph has laid the foundation to define the field of jus post bellum and chart its potential.

Jens Iverson
10 June 2021

In Jus Post Bellum (Brill | Nijhoff 2021), Jens Iverson provides the Just War foundations of the concept, reveals the function of jus post bellum, and integrates the law that governs the transition from armed conflict to peace. This volume traces the history of jus post bellum avant la lettre, tracing important writings on the transition to peace from Augustine, Aquinas, and Kant to more modern jurists and scholars. It explores definitional aspects of jus post bellum, including its relationship to sister terms and related fields. It also critically evaluates the current state and possibilities for future development of the law and normative principles that apply to the transition to peace. Peacebuilders, scholars, and diplomats will find this book a crucial resource.

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