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De strafbaarstelling van mensenhandel ontrafeld

On 25 September 2019, Luuk Esser defended his thesis 'De strafbaarstelling van mensenhandel ontrafeld'. The doctoral research was supervised by Prof. C.P.M. Cleiren and Prof. J.M. ten Voorde.

Luuk Esser
25 September 2019
Leiden Repository

The seriousness of the phenomena of human trafficking and exploitation needs no introduction. For an effective approach by investigative services, the Public Prosecution Service and the judge, a clear penalty provision in the Penal Code is a minimum requirement. In the Netherlands, however, the criminalization of human trafficking is surrounded by complexity. This dissertation aims to unravel the criminalization, which results in an extensive search for the core of the criminalization of human trafficking, along its history, the system and the case law that has appeared over the years. The problems identified by the author call for a change in the criminal law relating to human trafficking. There is work to be done for the legislator.

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