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Children’s Rights in International Commercial Surrogacy

On 26 juni 2018, Claire Achmad defended her doctoral thesis 'Children’s Rights in International Commercial Surrogacy: Exploring the Challenges from a Child Rights, Public International Law Perspective'. The doctoral research was supervised by Prof. Dr. Mariëlle Bruning.

Claire Achmad
26 June 2018
Leiden Repository

The rights of children born through international commercial surrogacy are at risk of being overlooked or even violated. Lawmakers, judges and commissioning parents should be more aware of this and take protective action throughout the surrogacy procedure. 

‘Governments, law-makers, policy-makers, decision-makers, medical, legal and social work professionals: they all struggle with the complex nature of ICS,’ says Achmad. ‘The results of my research are directly relevant and applicable in practice, for states, professionals involved in ICS, and for commissioning parents. This is especially important, because children’s rights are all too often still overlooked in ICS.’

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