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Formative Assessments and Teacher Professional Learning

How can formative assessment be used to promote teacher professional learning? This book contains various studies into professionalization approaches and courses in which formative assessment is used with a view to teacher learning.

Dineke Tigelaar and Douwe Beijaard
16 November 2015
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Various authors contributed to this book and the studies were conducted in different countries. The book contains studies in which student teachers take part, as well as studies with teachers as participants. The approaches to formative assessment in this book are in line with what is known from research about effective approaches to professional development of teachers. The various chapters in this book provide a picture of the different choices that can be made when using formative assessment to stimulate teacher learning.

This book provides insight into the experiences of teachers with formative assessment during their participation in professionalization trajectories, how the learning processes of teachers can take shape when they participate in such a procedure, and with which issues teachers can struggle during such a trajectory. The book also addresses questions regarding the impact of formative assessment on teacher learning.

The book offers both theoretical and practical help and inspiring ideas for the further development and implementation of formative assessment.

This book was previously published as a special issue of the journal Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice. Publication (for a wider audience) in book form takes place on the initiative of the publisher.

About the authors

Dr. Dineke Tigelaar is assistant professor and teacher trainer at ICLON, Leiden University. Her research and publications focus mainly on assessment of teachers and on the professional development of teachers.

Prof.dr. Douwe Beijaard is Professor of Professional Learning at the Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE), Eindhoven University of Technology. His research includes the professional identity, development and assessment of teachers.

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