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Derrida's Politics of Friendship

25 years after the publication of Derrida’s Politics of Friendship (Politiques de l’amitié, 1994), this edited collection gathers 23 critical chapters that revisit this underappreciated text. Engaging closely with Derrida’s text, the contributors analyse, extend and critique the work. They reconsider the place this book occupies in Derrida’s political philosophy and its potential for contemporary politics, when the promises and perils of political friendship have reappeared.

Georgios Tsagdis, Susanna Lindberg, Rozemund Uljée and others
07 December 2021
Derrida's Politics of friendship

Chapter 1. Who or What: Differential Friendship
Georgios Tsagdis

Chapter 5. Hostility in Philosophy – Between Hegel and Heidegger
Susanna Lindberg

Chapter 8. The Time of Friendship: Mourning, Survival, Spectrality
Rozemund Uljée

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