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Coping with Versnel: A Roundtable on Religion and Magic

Henk Versnel's work on ancient religion has been seminal. For his 80th birthday, a group of scholars assembled to celebrate and analyze his oeuvre.

Kim Beerden and Frits Naerebout (eds.)
31 May 2023

What have been his most important insights? What will he bequeath to the 21st century? Specialists hold up to the light the main strands of Versnel's scholarship, and he reacts to their praise and critique. An introduction that seeks to contextualize this oeuvre, and a bibliography of Versnel's publications, round out the picture of a scholar who has put hisstamp on the study of ancient religions and magical practices, and who has promoted the field in many ways, especially as the driving force behind Brill's flagship series Religion in the Graeco-Roman World, of which this fittingly is the 200th volume.

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