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The Opportunities and Challenges of Co-Producing Citizens’ Health and Well-Being in Vulnerable Neighborhoods

In this article, Carola van Eijk and Jet Bussemaker aim to contribute to the debate about citizen involvement in (complex) medical and social issues by studying co-production initiatives in The Hague.

Carola van Eijk, Jet Bussemaker, Wilma van der Vlegel-Brouwer
07 February 2023
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The co-production initiatives studied in this paper were part of a broader, unique movement named ‘Healthy and Happy The Hague’, which aims to change the way healthcare/social services are provided. Two intertwined research projects combine insights from interviews, focus group meetings and observations. The first project analyzed a variety of existing co-production initiatives in several neighborhoods; the second project involved longitudinal participatory action research on what stakeholders require to engage in co-production. The two research projects showed similarities and differences in the observed opportunities/treats/challenges. The study found that empowering citizens in their role as co-producers requires major changes in the professionals’ outlook and supporting role in the communities. It illustrates the potential of synergizing insights from healthcare governance and public administration co-production literature to benefit co-production practice.

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