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The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Europe

Arco Timmermans, professor by special appointment in Public Affairs at the Institute of Public Administration, is co-editor of this book focused on comparing engagements in policy advisory systems.

Marleen Brans & Arco Timmermans
01 February 2022
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The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Europe

This book is entirely about the engagement of university-based political scientists in Europe with their political and social environment. While politics and policymaking are in most countries as a matter of principle open to anyone and not a licensed business, the analysis of politics, public administration and policy by academic political scientists requires a high level of training and professional qualifcations. Political scientists are expected to speak ‘truth’ about power. But do they also speak truth to power? This central question and the different versions of it for enquiry into the relationship between scientists and stakeholders in the policy process is in a sense reflective for the group of 23 authors in this book project. All contributors work as political scientists at a university department somewhere on the European continent. Thus, our shared perspective is the community of peers and colleagues around us—a community that has been growing in size in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Read the book (pdf)

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