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From Murder to Imprisonment: Mapping the Flow of Homicide Cases

Marieke Liem, Professor Social Resilience and Security at Leiden University, and Katharina Krüsselmann, PhD candidate at Leiden University and Manuel Eisner mapped the flow of homicide cases with the help of a systematic review.

Marieke Liem, Katharina Krüsselmann & Manuel Eisner
01 June 2020

The systematic review examined the evidence on factors influencing the flow of homicide, from suspicious death to imprisonment. Bibliographic databases and thesis portals were searched. The total number of hits was 15,986, of which 15,830 were irrelevant, 35 did not include a quantitative sample, 26 did not focus on homicide, 18 did not present flow data, and for seven there was no full text available. The remaining 70 papers were analyzed. With the exception of one, no study presented a complete longitudinal flow. Results indicated that both legal and extralegal characteristics influence the likelihood of cases to drop out. Aside from a first mapping of homicide case flows, future research should explore false positives and false negatives, to come to a first understanding of funnel selectivity in homicide cases.

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