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Beyond UN75: A Roadmap for Inclusive, Networked & Effective Global Governance

Drawing on insights from past and contemporary scholars and world leaders, the report explores the concepts of a new social contract, a new global deal, and networked and inclusive multilateralism introduced recently by Secretary-General António Guterres to help the United Nations better grapple with 21st century global challenges.

Richard Ponzio, Cristina Petcu, Joris Larik, Banou Arjomand & William Durch
21 June 2021
Stimson 'Beyond UN75: A Roadmap for Inclusive, Networked & Effective Global Governance'

On January 30 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a 'Public Health Emergency of International Concern.' UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ UN75 Global Conversation with civ­il society and Member State negotiations for a UN75 Declaration, both major initiatives that were just underway, had to accommodate the pandemic’s restrictive 'new normal.' The sud­den and severe health crisis and its knock-on effects also heightened already-trending exclu­sionary undercurrents in many states and the related impacts of populist, anti-multilateral­ist politicians. Together, they amplified public anxiety in pursuit of nationalist, short-sighted agendas, posing an unprecedented test for the rules and institutions of global cooperation. 

Just over a year later, however, encouraging signs abound of a shift from defending and pre­serving multilateralism to strengthening and renewing it. From likely more ambitious climate targets for the Paris Agreement’s COP26 this November in Glasgow to the slow yet steady transfer of resources, know-how, and possi­bly intellectual property to enable developing countries to better combat the coronavirus, prospects have grown for improved collective action through multilateral institutions to deal with hard global problems. Beginning with a dramatic policy U-turn in the United States, countries large and small are further signal­ing their support for the Secretary-General’s vision of an 'inclusive, networked, and effective' United Nations. 

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