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A systematic review of current cybersecurity training methods

This article presents a systematic review aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity training methods and assess their effectiveness in enhancing organisational cybersecurity behaviours.

Julia Prümmer, Tommy van Steen, Bibi van den Berg
09 November 2023
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Cybersecurity and the prevention of cyberattacks, has been a growing security issue for organisations for a number of years. Organisations targeted through cyberattacks are diverse, ranging from large companies like Volkswagen, to critical infrastructures such as Colonial Pipeline.  In order to synthesise the literature that has been created on cybersecurity training in relation to digital technologies within organisational settings, this paper explores a wide range of current cybersecurity training methods, their design, and their effectiveness, by way of a systematic literature review.

The article concludes that the field of cybersecurity training for end-users is diverse in training design, methods of delivery, cybersecurity topics and measurements of effectiveness. The authors showed promising results in improving cybersecurity behaviour through training for a variety of cybersecurity behaviours through a wide range of means. 

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