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Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies 23

Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies 23, 2007

Abraham van As, Corinne L. Hofman, Gloria A. London, Miguel John Versluys
01 January 2007
  • Applying organic residue analysis in ceramic studies - a functional approach (T.M.F. Oudemans)
  • Not fit for firing: unfired vessel fragments from Late Bronze Age Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria, and the value for the study of pottery technology (K. Duistermaat)
  • Some technological aspects of Late Uruk pottery from Jebel Aruda, Syria (A. van As)
  • Restorations on the Late Uruk pottery of Jebel Aruda -old and new (R. Dooijes, F. Burghout, M.H. Düring, O.P. Nieuwenhuyse)
  • Ceramic technology of selected Hellenistic and Iron pottery based on refiring experiments (G.A. London, R. Shuster, L. Jacobs)
  • In search of the Late Iron Age IIC ceramic traditions at Tell Deir 'Alla in the Central Jordan Valley (N.F.C. Groot)
  • Some thoughts on the appearance of pottery in the Lower Danube Plain (Romania (L. Thissen, A. van As, L. Jacobs)
  • Plymouth: a late-prehistoric ceramic complex of Tobago (A. Boomert)
  • Contemporary traditional pottery in Central and South Mexico. On colonial technical introductions and their assimilation (G. Hernández Sánchez)
  • Contextualizing the design mind of an ancient potter: a case study of the religious context of Islam and Ming Kendi (FOO Check-Teck and TEO Khay Chuan)
  • Current research (2007) 
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