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Constructing Communities

Clustered Neighbourhood Settlements of the Central Anatolian Neolithic ca. 8500-5500 Cal. BC

Bleda Düring
01 January 2010
Constructing Communities

This is a study of a group of Neolithic settlements located in Central Anatolia that can be dated between 8500 and 5500 Ca. BC.

Many of these settlements are of substantial sizes the Neolithic, ranging in surface dimensions between 4 and 13 ha, and the excavated building remains suggest that they were densely occupied. The settlements of the Central Anatolian Neolithic took on a highly distinctive form: they were organised into a number of streetless clustered neighbourhoods in which transport and communications were channelled via the roofs, and in which buildings were accessed with ladders from above.

This study aims to investigate these settlements in detail and to provide models for how society was constituted in the Central Anatolian Neolithic on that basis.

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