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Bronze Age Settlements in the Low Countries

Edited by Dr. S. Arnoldussen and Prof. dr. H. Fokkens

Dr. S. Arnoldussen& Prof. dr. H. Fokkens
01 January 2008
Bronze Age Settlements in the Low Countries

Published by Oxford Books, Oxford 
ISBN 978 1 84217 307 7 

The Low Countries around the deltas of the river Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt have a long tadition in large scale archaeological research. The dense present-day population necessitates large scale building projects for housing and archaeologists have surveyed and excavated extensive areas within the framework of the development projects. In many instances, Bronze Age settlement sites have been uncovered. Most of these excavations, however, have been filed away in Dutch language reports that are difficult to access and syntheses are lacking. The present volume aims to make these data available to an international scientific public and discuss new directions in settlement research.

This book brings together the research of thirteen of the largest Bronze Age settlements described by their original excavators, most of them working in the field of commercial archaeology. These contributions are preceded by two introductory chapters written by the editors, that provide a full overview of the state of Dutch Bronze Age settlement research, the key sites and the explanatory models current within it.

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